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Eating well with Canada’s Food Guide!

Eating well with Canada’s Food Guide!

Whether it’s to lose a few kilos, eat a balanced diet, or simply adopt healthy lifestyle habits, whatever your reasons may be, Canada’s Food Guide is the ideal tool to help you!

Canada’s Food Guide: a comprehensive tool!

Eating is definitely one of the great pleasures of life. More than just a basic need, eating brings together family or friends and helps discover new flavours. Your health depends a great deal on your diet. So, it is crucial to pay special attention to it.

Canada’s Food Guide has been in existence for several years and despite many changes, it continues to fulfil its original objective: guiding food selection and promoting the nutritional health of Canadians. Canada’s Food Guide offers a multitude of tips and ideas that will help you make healthy food choices to meet your nutritional needs.

The 4 food groups

Canada’s Food Guide divides foods into 4 categories called food groups:

  • vegetables and fruits;
  • cereals;
  • milk and substitutes;
  • meats and substitutes.

Canada’s Food Guide specifies the quantities and types of foods from each group that you and your family need every day. Recommendations vary by sex, age, level of physical activity, and stages of life (e.g., pregnancy). It is sometimes difficult to satisfy the Food Guide’s recommendations. Don’t be discouraged. Refer to the tips offered in the Food Guide, which are simple and easy to follow. The Food Guide recommends the amount of food, known as a portion, which you should consume every day from each group. Judging how much a portion is can be quite a challenge. But the Food Guide has an answer for everything and gives you tools to facilitate the measurement of your portions.

Choose high quality foods

Choosing high quality foods can be quite a task. But take heart, the Canada Food Guide understands you and is there to help you. For each food group, you will find items to favour. In addition, the Food Guide gives you practical tips for grocery shopping and meal planning. It contains examples of healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes and snacks.

It is also important to pay attention to the labels on the foods that you buy. Take the time to read them carefully to be certain that you are making the right choices. The Nutrition Facts tables on food labels can be difficult to read. Refer to Canada’s Food Guide, which will help you understand them better.

Eating a healthy meal at home or in a restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated. Canada’s Food Guide is there to make things easy! Don’t hesitate to get your copy now. You’ll see that eating well isn’t so difficult!

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